State clearly the work you wish to be undertaken. Always supply the member with evidence available, including copies of all documents and a family tree in chart form.



Mrs Jean MAIN, DipFHS, 13 Bindaga Street, Aranda ACT 2614. Tel/Fax:(02) 6251 1790 Email address:  

(G) Australia (RA) Australian War Memorial, National Library, Australian Archives, also ACT Land Titles, Probate and BDMs. Ich spreche auch DEUTSCH. (Sl) Australian MILITARY records.


Mr A M CAMERON, PO Box 215, Bundanoon, NSW 2578. Tel: (02) 4883 6631. Fax: (02) 4883 6850. Email Address: Webpage:  

(RA) Scottish documents; General genealogy; Support for beginners. (Sl) SCOTTISH research.

Mrs Beryl CHESTERTON, BAppSci(Info), Grad Dip Local & Applied History, DipFHS, 10 Emily Place, Cherrybrook, NSW 2126. Tel/fax: (61 2) 9484 5979 Email address:

 (RA) All NSW repositories. (SI) Convicts; NSW land titles; ABORIGINAL research. Full-time family historian.

Mr Alistair KENNEDY, BBus (Acctg) ASCPA, 15 Belina Avenue, Wyoming. NSW. 2250. Email:

(G) Australia. (RA) NSW State Library, NSW Register of BD&M, NSW Archives Office, SAG, Supreme Court, Land Titles Office. Tracing living relatives. (SI) Family history publishing and sporting club histories.

Mrs Jill Roy, Dip FHS, 27 Wayne Ave, Lugarno, NSW 2210.Email address:

 (G) NSW (RA) All NSW Record repositories. Access to other states & overseas records; Problem solving; Convicts; Photographs of Sydney area graves, buildings etc. Full time researcher with teaching qualifications. Available for beginners courses, Sydney.

Mr Ray THORBURN, FGAA, PO Box 64, Kiama, NSW 2533. Director, Aust Genealogical Education Centre. 

(RA) Aust records, incl Tasmanian passengers. (Sl) UK social history, European emigration, tartan, adoption, genetics, FH in school education. Available for lectures.

Mrs Trissia M WADDINGHAM, DipFHS, 18 Waygrove Avenue, Earlwood NSW 2206. Tel/fax:(02)9789 4550. Email address:  

(RA) All NSW records, Archives Offices of NSW and Aust., Mitchell, State and SAG Libraries, Land Title, Probate. (Sl) Genealogy, tracing missing relations and NORFOLK ISLAND 1788-1814.

Mrs Faye M YOUNG, M Litt (Public History), BA, Dip FHS, FSAG, APHA, PO Box 206 Sylvania Southgate NSW 2224 Tel/Fax: (02) 9528 4941. Email address:  

(G) Australia. (RA) All Sydney/ NSW repositories with interstate links (SI) CONVICTS, Biographies, Family Histories, Picture Research, Missing persons, Land records, CHINESE Australian Research.


Mrs June M TOMLINSON, GPO Box 3988, Darwin NT 0801 Tel: 0889321716 Fax: 0889227482 Email Address:  

(RA) Australian research excluding land records. (Sl) Northern Territory records.


Mrs Elizabeth PARKES, GRINZ, DipFH (Prof) 211 Vanguard Street, Nelson, New Zealand. Tel/Fax +64-3-548-9243. Email Address:  Webpage:

(G) (RA) All New Zealand. Full-time genealogist. Missing relatives and heirs traced. WE FIND PEOPLE - DEAD OR ALIVE throughout NZ


Ms Marianne EASTGATE, MA(Hons), Dip FHS, Eastgate Genealogy, 6/226 4/24 Free St, Newmarket, Qld 4051. Tel:(07)33526945. Email address:

(RA) All Queensland, interstate, UK and world records available in Brisbane (Sl) Queensland family and general history, locating missing relatives and beneficiaries of wills and intestacies.


Mr Graham JAUNAY, BA (History/Politics) 7 East Terrace South Plympton 5038. Tel:(08) 8374 2049. Email address:  

(G) (RA)All South Australian records, French and UK family History and research working in conjunction with overseas researchers, all aspects of family and local history writing and publishing. (SI) South Australian: regional histories, ship wrecks, Law and order, lonely graves. Computer assisted drawing of family trees. Full time genealogist, historian and desktop publisher.

Mr Andrew G PEAKE, BA (Soc Wk), Grad Dip Local & App History, MLitt, DipFHS, FSAGHS, 14 Tudor Street, Dulwich, SA 5065. Tel:(08) 8332 8884. Email Address:  

(G) (RA) Australian records including land and probate material and all Adelaide repositories. (Sl) Family histories.


Mr Chris WILLIAMS, LL.B., B.A.,AAIM, AITD  PO Box 434 Glenorchy, Tas 7010 Email address: 

(RA) Tasmania - Limited ability to research at this time. Full-time Mediator, Counsellor & Workplace Trainer & Assessor

Ms Dianne SNOWDEN, BA (Hons), Dip FHS, "Fernville" 8 Henry St., Richmond, Tas 7025. Email address:  

(G) (RA) All records available in Tasmania (SI) Local, social & women's history, Tasmanian history & families; convict & immigration records; First Fleet families & history & families of the Monaro region of NSW


Mr Robin BAILEY, M.Eng.(Computing), 2 Baroona Court, Brighton, Vic 3186; Email address, Tel. (03) 95964292; 

(G) (RA); All records available in Victoria; (SI) Full time historian, genealogist and family historian; business records and histories, house histories, gold fields records, mining records, immigration and shipping records, wills.

Mrs Jeanette BROWN, PO Box 531, Hamilton, Victoria, 3300. Tel: (03) 5572 5554 (Mob)0409725554. Email Address:  

(RA) Victorian records, NSW Pioneer and Federation records of births, deaths and marriages. (SI) SCOTTISH family history.

Mr D J BROWNING, BA(Leicester), MA(London), MBA (Monash) FCIS, PO Box 1007, Ringwood, Victoria 3134. Tel:(0 3) 9729 3893. Email address:   

(G) (RA) ENGLAND & WALES. (Sl) Consultations in research methods and sources, Lecturer, Transcription of documents in English of any age; Lancashire; London.

Mr Bruce L GARNER, P.O. Box 2001 Mornington Vic 3931 Email address:
Web page: Mobile phone: 0438782319 

(RA) Genealogical research in all New Zealand records; Research in Victorian records especially Public Record Office of Victoria; Genealogy Society of Victoria. Member New Zealand Society of Genealogists. (SI) Tracing living descendants in NEW ZEALAND for relatives and desceased estates. Full-time researcher.

Mr Peter T GILL, BA, 2 Mernda Ave Ashburton, Victoria, 3147. Tel: (03) 9885 2203. Fax: (03) 9885 7195. Email address:  

(RA) Australian & Victorian records, especially State Library of Victoria, Public Record Office of Victoria and Australian Archives. (SI) Shipping & immigration, Education records, public buildings, sporting history, newspapers, general historical research.

Mrs A F JOHNSON, 9 Murrumbeena Cres, Murrumbeena Victoria, 3163 Tel:(03) 9569 7571. Fax: (03) 9568 3130 .e-Mail Address: 

(RA) All Victorian records. (Sl) NORTH EASTERN VICTORIA: Beechworth, Chiltern, Rutherglen, Wangaratta, Ovens & Indigo goldfields and Murray border district. Experienced in historical research sets and wardrobe for film and television.

Ms Sue E McBETH, B Sc, PO Box 136, Hampton, Victoria 3188. Tel: (03) 9598 0435. Fax:(03) 9598 0365. Email address: Web page:

(G) (RA) All records available in Australia, New Zealand, England Wales & Scotland; member APG. (SI) Probate genealogist. Full-time family historian, locating heirs & missing people throughout the world through a network of agents. Research of Australian, New Zealand, English, Welsh and Scottish records undertaken in our Hampton office. Publication of databases on CD using Digger ™ and images on CD-ROM using Flikker™.

Mrs I PEARCE, DipFHS, FGSV, RMB 1003, Picola Victoria 3639. Tel:(058) 691235. Email Address:    

(G) Australia. (RA) All Victorian records. (SI) Echuca, Nathalia areas of NORTHERN VICTORIA and tutoring family history.

Mrs E E F PULLMAN, DipFHS, 30 Silver Street, Cheltenham. Victoria 3192. Tel/fax:(03) 9584 6474. Email address:  

(G) Australia (RA) Victorian, NSW and TASMANIAN records, Consultations, Lecturing, Tracing heirs, Medical and General genealogical research. (SI) PORT ALBERT area of Victoria.

Mr Tony SATCHELL, 77 Munro Ave., Ashburton, Victoria 3147. Tel: (03) 98854600 

(RA) All Victorian Records

Mr Darcy SELLER, BA, PO Box 852, Belmont, Victoria, 3216. Tel/fax: (03) 5243 1881. Email address:  

(G) Australia (RA) Australia, UK. All repositories in Victoria, with access to interstate & UK sources. Missing relations & heirs traced. (SI) Central Victorian goldfields, GEELONG DISTRICT records, publications & family albums.


Mr B J CROKER, I Myera Street, Mount Claremont, WA 6010. Tel.618 9384 2475 Fax: 618 9385 2184 Email address:  

(G) Australia UK and Ireland. (RA) Western Australian records.

Mrs Loreley A MORLING, BA (Asian Studies), ALAA, DipFHS, 37 Weston Drive, Swan View, WA 6056. Email  

(RA) Research in records available in Western Australia.


The following members of the Association are at present unavailable for private commissions:

Mr Donald W M GRANT, FHG, FGSV, FAIGS, 145 Fogarty Road, Tynong North, Victoria, 3813. 

(G) (RA)

Mrs Cora NUM, DipFHS, 17 Pendred St. Pearce ACT 2607. Tel.08 8297 1554 Email address:  

(G) Australia (RA)  . (Sl) Families of Irish descent in southem NSW; Irish convicts, and families of Chinese descent in Australia; internet family history. Available for classes and lectures

Mrs Maree RING, 14 Oakbank Ave, Montrose, Tasmania 7010. Tel: (03) 6272 9650 Email address:  

(RA) All Tasmanian records other than land titles. (Sl) Convict records, convict ships to VDL, local Tasmanian histories 1803-1900. Available for classes and lectures

Mr Alan Jamieson, 12 Eighteenth St., Gawler South, SA 5118 Email address: