The Record Agent (RA) specialises in the research of specific records and/or the holdings of specific archives.

AAGRA has record agents in each Australian state and territory and in New Zealand.

If you cannot get to one of the offices of the National Archives of Australia ( ) or the State archives or state library and there are records you want to review but they are not on-line, our record agents should be able to help you. They can locate the record and transcribe information or take an image of the file (if permitted).

You can expect that record agents accredited by AAGRA will be familiar with the collections of the archives and state libraries and be able to efficiently locate and retrieve records for you.

The charge for retrieval will differ depending on whether you are able to cite the reference numbers or if you are looking for a more general search of the records held. AAGRA members set their own fees.

You can find a listing of members at: