AAGRA Code of Ethics

The profession of genealogy calls for scholarly and personal accuracy and integrity


The profession of genealogy calls for scholarly and personal accuracy and integrity: thus, members are obliged to be honest in research, adhere strictly to the highest standards and methods, and be discreet in relations with clients and the public.


Members, whether employed in independent research or acting in a paid, consultative, advisory or assistant capacity, must not engage in exaggerated, misleading or false publicity or knowingly publish as fact anything known to be false or unproven, nor to be a party to such actions by others.


Members must respect the confidential nature of the relationship with his or her client; shall not, without the prior consent of the client, divulge any information concerning the client or the client’s affairs, nor publish the results of research for which clients have paid.


In undertaking research, members must try at all times to examine the original, rather than printed sources, and avoid, so far as possible, the misquotation of documents or the citing as authoritative of any questionable source.


Members in dealing with a client, must make reports as clear and definite as the facts allow, offer candid advice concerning the possible and probable results of lines of research, and avoid unnecessary duplication of effort and research.


Members shall not knowingly injure or attempt to injure the professional reputation, prospects or practice of any other bona fide genealogist or record agent.


Members must strive to uphold at all times the integrity and reputation of the profession, and not to act in a manner detrimental to its best interests.


If a client considers that a member is not satisfactory, he or she should first of all take the matter up with the member. If there is no improvement, or the matter cannot be resolved, he or she should refer it to the Secretary of the Association.

Updated Code of Ethics endorsed at the Special General Meeting held 19 November 2015.