There are three categories of membership

Membership of the Association is open to any person (being an individual but not a corporation) who is actively engaged in the practice of genealogy or record searching within Australia or New Zealand and satisfies the criteria set out below.

There are three categories of membership, Genealogist, Probate Genealogist and Record Agent. An applicant may chose to apply for membership in either or both categories. The Genealogist compiles family histories and genealogies for clients and is often responsible for the publication of the finished product. The Record Agent, on the other hand, specialises in the researching of records and sources.

Applicants must submit, to the Council of AAGRA, documentary evidence of their competence in their chosen field of Genealogist, and/or Record Agent.

Copies of the Research files for two clients must be submitted for evaluation. These must include copies of correspondence with the client and copies of the research. Applicants for Genealogists must also submit at least one completed manuscript of a family history, and/or copies of published family histories and/or genealogies.

Confidentiality is assured, but permission should be sought from the client. If privacy is to be maintained then the client’s name can be blocked out.

The material submitted must demonstrate that the applicant is adept in all the following aspects:


Record Agent

Probate Genealogist

Business Skills
Good English Expression
Correct Citations
Thorough understanding of sources
Careful handling of original documents
Appropriate use of sources
Correct analysis of information
Lateral range of sources
Accepted Genealogical Charting