Mrs Anita Payne

Mrs Anita Payne – DipFamHist (UTAS), MAAGRA
Special Interests: Family history research, Charting trees, Cemeteries, PROV, Convicts, Heraldry, all Australian, New Zealand, UK
research and most recently Netherlands.
State/Location specialty: Victoria and other states.
I have a life long history of researching not only my own family but also assisting others find their family
members as well. Where genealogy is so often considered to be research of only the past, I regularly find living
relatives, which can lead to warm family reunions.
My professional background of 40 years has essentially been in nursing, which is very people-oriented.
Interestingly, this gives me extra insights into matters such as illness and cause of death. I no longer work in that
area, concentrating fully on genealogy.
The greatest pleasure in my work has always been the surprised and happy reactions of clients whose family
past, wherever that went, lets them feel they know where they came from. Usually they also receive some
fascinating and previously unheard of tales of their family’s past lifestyle and circumstances.
I am in the process of updating my (old) websites, including obtaining testimonials from happy clients, and
expect to have them flying soon.
Telephone: 0418 466 099
Postal: Unit 2, 40 Main Street, Rutherglen 3685
Record Agent