1921 England Census

Have you been waiting for the 1921 England Census to arrive?  Whether you are researching your family tree yourself or whether you are professional genealogist, we are all eagerly looking forward to this dataset being available.

When:  6 January 2022.

Where: The Kew Archives England or Find My Past. 

Cost:  The census will be free to view if you have the opportunity to attend the Kew Archives in person.  Find My Past will charge AUD$4.80 for every record transcript or AUD$6.60 for each original record downloaded.  12-month Pro subscribers to Find My Past will receive 10% discount.

What information is included: All the information from the 1911 census plus age by years and months, marital status includes divorced as an option, for those under 15 it will include if one or both parents are alive or deceased, for those born outside of the UK then it includes birth and nationality, in the employment field it includes if full-time or part-time and the employers name and address (with some exceptions).

Which locations are covered: A total of 18,235,242 images will be available.  This includes England, Wales and Isle of Mann.  It does not include Scotland, the Scottish records are expected to be released in the second half of 2022 on ScotlandsPeople.  It also does not include Ireland and Northern Ireland, where the census was not taken due to the Irish War of Independence, though they did take one later in 1926 so we’ll need to be patient and wait a few more years for that one to be available.

Other: The 1921 census was taken on the 19th June 1921.  Individuals in the same household were able to make separate confidential returns if they wished, so keep this in mind when searching. 

Remember the date, have fun and I hope you find some interesting discoveries.  If you need assistance contact one of our members.