Photo uploaded for comparison on the left and the results of the search in thumbnail format on the right.

How many times have you received a treasure trove of photo’s, there’s some not labelled, and you don’t know who the person in the photo is?

Did you know you can use Google Images to search for other photo’s already in the Google Images library for potential matches to the person in your photo?  You see, others may know the identity of the person in your photo and may have uploaded either the same photo or different photo’s of the same person that may contain the same person.  Possible matches appear as a list of thumbnails (see image on the right above).

Like all research, verify the possible match, things to consider:

  • Can you click on the photo to see what additional information is available?
  • Is the photo a match or does the person look similar?
  • Who loaded the photo?
  • Are they related to the person in the photo?
  • What is the likelihood they would know who is in the photo?
  • Does the age of the photo and age of the person in the photo match with the expected timeframe to be the person in your photo?
  • Does the style of dress in the match the era and style of the person in your photo?
  • Can you contact the owner of the photo?

Some potential matches you will be able to rule out quite quickly.  Others may take more time to verify.

Chrome, Firefox and Safari are supported browsers for Google Images.

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