40th AGM

AAGRA has just held its 40th AGM.

In the course of the AGM, Peter Gill noted that reaching the 40th AGM was a significant milestone and wished to acknowledge the foresight of the founders in 1977 and the efforts of all those who had served on the Council over the last forty years. Throughout the 40 years, there have been many active members providing professional assistance on request. He noted also the diversity of our current membership, which possibly has the broadest range of research interests in the history of AAGRA.

The new committee is

President – Dr Dianne Snowden
Vice President – Peter Gill
Secretary – Anne Young
Treasurer – Douglas Browning
The following AAGRA members make up the committee: Jean Main, Ray
Thorburn, Rachel Croucher

We are very pleased to welcome Rachel to the committee

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