Fathers Day and Paternal Genealogy

It’s Fathers Day today in Australia. Yes, different countries recognize Fathers Day at different times of the year.  However, to all the dad’s in Australia, we say “Happy Fathers Day”.

We all celebrate our dads or remember our dads in different ways.  For some, it’s getting together, for others, this may be an opportunity to learn more about our fathers family history.  If this is of interest and your dad is still living then take the opportunity to ask questions and record the answers. 

If dad isn’t living you may wish to ask other living relatives what they recall about dad and his family and write down or record the stories as they are given, along with the date and who is giving the information. 

To follow your dad’s genealogy back, start with what is known such as parents or grandparents, buy certificates, look for newspaper articles and gather the information together, always noting your sources.  If you don’t know anything about dad or his parents then you may like to consider a DNA test as the start of your journey. 

If you feel you need assistance then contact a genealogist or record agent.