Genealogy Dataset in Australian States – NSW – First Fleeters

Each month we look at a genealogy dataset in Australia or New Zealand.  This month we look at NSW and The First Fleet.

The Australian National University have a list of First Fleet Ships and Passengers. The page lists the ships in alphabetical order and the passengers on each ship are also in alphabetical order.  Next to each passenger it lists their status ie: crew, convict, marine, marines family etc.  You can also see if the passenger was known by an alias.  Some passengers are linked to other records so you can find out further information.  There are many other websites that also provide lists of the passengers on the first fleet and if you have an ancestor that was on one of the ships, then it is worth checking out all lists as some websites provide links to further information about the passengers.

The Sydney Living Museum provides information about the voyage itself.  If you are in Sydney you may wish to visit the display at the museum.

If you find you have an ancestor who was on the First Fleet then you may wish to check out the website of the “Fellowship of First Fleeters” who have further information including a list of gravesite plaques. If you need assistance with finding how or when your ancestor came to Australia or New Zealand then you may wish to contact one of AAGRA’s genealogists or record agents.